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Welcome to Actium, the gaming community. Actium is the community for everyone; we're part guild, part clan, part casual, part hardcore. Better still, Actium does not confine itself to only one game or genre of games, but exists for all forms of gaming.

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New Hostname!

Thanks to Dyn now charging $40/year for dynamic DNS, we've moved to a new dyndns provider, no-ip.com. Unfortunately this also means that all Actium servers and services have a new hostname. If you were using actium.is-into-games.com to access things like our VoIP servers, you'll need to edit some settings. Our new root hostname is:




Actium Gaming Community sets up light housekeeping in Blade & Soul

Now that the North American release of Blade and Soul is out, we're occupying space (and smacking Pinchy every time we see him) there as well. If you see an Actium member, be sure to say "hi!"



Synchronicity is here!

If you play Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on more than one PC, you've probably noticed that your UI, hotbar, and macro settings are computer-specific. That information is saved locally with the client instead of being handled remotely by the server. So, if you like to play on a desktop and a laptop, or have the kind of job and boss that allows for playing at work when things are slow, it's kind of a pain to have to update everything.

And of course there's always the fun that is having to do a reinstall, at which point you will promptly lose all of your special macros, hotbar setups for each job, UI tweaks, and so on. Since that info is local and not server-side, if you don't have a backup set that includes the right files, a reinstall means having to recreate all of that from scratch.

We have a solution to this: Synchronicity.
Synchronicity Screenshot

Synchronicity is a small (less than a megabyte) utility that archives, backs up, restores, and synchronizes the client-side information about your FFXIV:ARR characters. It's automatic, requires no installation, requires no setup, works for all characters, and can sync multiple clients with the same characters played on them. Best of all, it's free - it's our gift to the community.

Sound interesting? Step over to the Synchronicity info page for more details and the download link.



Actium Gaming Community is set to invade Final Fantasy XIV

The time has come to announce our preliminary plans to set up an Actium presence on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. This process will begin on Friday, 16 Aug 2013, when the early-beta players get early access to the open beta of FFXIV.

Actium will, at least initially, set up on the Ultros server. We'll probably expand to others but for the time being, if you'd like to join us in rolling over the monsters of Eorzea, Ultros is the server you'll want.

A repeat, for emphasis: Ultros server. ;-)

Once the game is released (Early Access: 24 Aug 2013), we'll start a Free Company as quickly as possible for endgame operations, and the Actium linkshell will be created right after the open beta begins.
Our Free Company, Actium, is already up and running, and so is our linkshell, Actium Socii!

Actium officers will be levelling in and around all of the major cities, so if you'd like a pearl just shout in-game that you're looking for an Actium officer and we'll hook you up. Or, once you have a character created, throw an email to general@actiumgaming.com with your in-game name and when you're usually on, and one of the officers will try to meet up with you in-game.




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