About Actium

Actium is a gaming community based on a number of guilds and clans for various games, as well as members of other groups that make use of Actium servers and gaming services. Basically we're a bunch of gamers that seek to have a decent and relative drama-free good time.


What Is "Actium"?

Actium isn't just a name, it's a piece of history. Check out where the name originated.


Actium Organization

Actium mirrors the early Roman Empire's organizational structure to a small degree. This page explains this more fully.


Join Actium

What you need to know in order to become one of us.


Actium Guild/Clan Rules

An organization needs some basic rules, and a community must have a set of laws. Both are within.


Site Terms & Conditions

Legal stuff regarding the Actium website.


Privacy Policy

What we do with what you do.