What Is "Actium"?

The original Actium was a Greek city near what is now named Aktio-Vonitsa, and was the site of the final battle of the Roman Republic, or the first battle of the Roman Empire, depending on whose side you supported. The battle was a naval exchange between the pro-imperial forces supporting Octavian and the pro-republic forces under Mark Antony and his lover-slash-backer, Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. Octavian's forces won, and eventually he became Caesar Augustus, the first emperor of Rome.

The battle of Actium is essentially the start of the consolidation of power that turned a republic into the most powerful empire the world had ever seen. We take the name "Actium" with the idea of forming the greatest gaming empire on Earth. A lofty goal, to be certain, but hey...

Actium's slogan, "Cudebat Imperium," reflects the history of the name as well as our goal: "forging an empire."


For more details on the original battle of Actium, check out the Wikipedia entry on the subject.