Donations Welcome!

Actium is a private operation funded out-of-pocket by its operators. As such, we welcome donations to help fund our bandwidth consumption, website hosting, hardware and software costs, and the little annoyances here and there that still cost money.

Please note that making a donation does not create any entitlements or exemptions from the rules or the enforcement of those rules, and refunds/returns will not be made under any circumstances.


We Accept Bitcoin and Litecoin Donations!

We accept donations in Bitcoin and Litecoin. If you'd like to throw some BTC and/or LTC into the till, please use these addresses: For Litecoin, LdbSEahhbymgLDiqsDbegcG1u9M7nPvsLg, and for Bitcoin, 1HboKfwHz7faPz2BsNNaN8qD6H8K5XJMks.


Help Support Actium, And Receive Bacon!

We've teamed up with to introduce you to your new best friend: mail-order bacon. Oh yeah, bacon! Place an order via any of our affiliate links and we'll receive a small commission on the sale, and that'll help pay for Actium's hosting and hardware. It's a win-win - you get bacon, we get a little help with the bills!

Bacon is Meat Candy


Monthly Expenses

Actium's current monthly expenses for power, bandwidth, and hosting is about $200. Most of that cost is the business broadband connection that powers our private game and voice-chat servers. (We have the fastest connection we can get at our location!)


Hardware We Can Use

Right now, we're looking for a good UPS with a capacity of 1,500 watts or higher, so that we can keep the game/voice server up and running during brief outages.


Software We Can Use

We aren't currently looking for any software.