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Posted on 2012-04-11 12:50:07

Actium Forums Rules & Bylaws

Greetings Actium Members, Associates, and Affiliates!

This post outlines the rules and bylaws of posting on the Actium Forum. By posting here, you are agreeing to the following terms:

1. Actium's Guild/Clan Rules apply here. In a nutshell, these are: be reasonably civil, don't do anything illegal, and don't do anything that gets in the way of having fun.

2. To expound on being reasonably civil, we require posters be respectful of each other to at least the basic extent called for in polite, civil society. So try to not use profanity too excessively, avoid ad hominem attacks when responding to something you don't agree with, and enjoy the conversations.

3. To expound on not doing anything illegal, it is forbidden to post material that is against United States Law. So, no porn, no warez, and no hate speech.

4. To expound on not doing anything that gets in the way of having fun, we're not big fans of needless drama and douchebaggery around here so don't be a jerk for being a jerk's sake.

5. Advertising is not permitted on the Actium Forum. If you have a good or service you'd like to advertise to the membership, contact the Consulate and we'll discuss your proposal. Adverts can and will be removed on sight, and ad posters may find themselves on the receiving end of the Banhammer of Smiting™.

6. When we said we do not permit advertising on the Actium Forum, we include advertising guilds and clans. You can certainly discuss your guild or clan, but if it smells like a recruitment thread a moderator may decide to turn it into a "mock me, mock me hard" thread.

7. Moderators have the full authority granted to them by the Actium Consulate to police the Forum and punish transgressors as they see fit. This can reach from simple post removal all the way to banning someone from all Actium servers and services, including this website! (Yes, you can be banned from game servers for being a big enough idiot on the Forum.) Do not meddle in the affairs of Actium Forum moderators, for you are slightly crunchy and taste good with a little hollandaise sauce.

8. Actium members are allowed to display avatar and signature images with their forum posts. You must host these images yourself and provide full URLs to the image files - to do this, log into your account management area and provide URLs in the proper boxes. Please limit the size of your avatar image to 75x75 pixels, and signature to 468x60, and please refrain from using animations. Active-content (e.g. Flash), offensive, or eye-melting avatars/signatures may be removed and your ability to display them can be revoked.

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