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Posted on 2012-10-27 02:12:01
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Join Actium On FireFall

Some of Actiums members (myself included) are turning to a new MMO called FireFall. It's still in beta stage but so far we're having a blast playing it. And lest I forget, it's going to be free to play when it launches. In time we plan to create an Actium chapter there but guilds can't be created at the moment. Until then, we invite all of Actium to come and join us in blowing the $h!t out of alien insects.

To learn more go to

As I said it's still in beta and as of right now that's a closed beta. In order to join you can do one of three things; apply for a beta key, receive an invite from someone already playing (whenever one of us gets an invite that is), or buy one of the three founder packs, the lowest of which is priced at $20. They offer a few perks such as a permanent XP bonus and right now allows you immediate access into the beta.

Join Actium as it continues onto it's next adventure!

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