Actium Servers

Actium employs its own game servers where possible, and these are running on custom-built server hardware on a business-broadband connection. To simplify access, all you need to do is point your game at our server root address, below, to connect - you'll be routed to the proper game server automatically. (By the way, use the stock port for your game unless the server specifies another port.)

Please note that some Actium servers require players apply for access in addition to creating and verifying an account on the Actium website. Also, some servers may require a password - check the appropriate forum section for that game for the current password.


Server Root Address:


Actium Server Status

Minecraft Server 1 (Challenge Mode: Blood & Bones 1.1.1) - port 25565: Down
Feed The Beast/Blood & Bones Pack - download it via the FTB launcher

Minecraft Server 2 (Custom Tekkit Pack) - port 25566: Down
Download our custom pack through the Tekkit launcher via this URL.


TeamSpeak3(VoIP) Server: Up
TeamSpeak Downloads & Installation Instructions

Mumble (VoIP) Server: Up
Mumble Downloads & Installation Instructions


FFXIV:ARR - Ultros Server Status

The status for our server of choice in FFXIV:ARR, Ultros, as shown by