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Please note that ONLY the version hosted here, on Actium's website, is the official version. Be careful if you've obtained Synchronicity from any other sources.


What Is Synchronicity?
Synchronicity (screenshot)

Synchronicity is arguably one of the first "legitimate" (and by that we mean "not a bot, cheat, exploit, etc.") utilities for the Square Enix game "Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn." What it does is simple: Synchronicity synchronizes character personalization data across multiple installations of FFXIV:ARR, as well as backing up and restoring data in the event of a reinstall.

If you've played FFXIV:ARR on more than one computer you probably noticed pretty quickly that your hotbar, interface, and macro settings are different on each copy of the game. This is because that information is stored locally, on the computer with the game client installed, and not on Square Enix's servers. So, whenever you switch to another copy of the game, you end up starting with an empty hotbar, no macros, and the stock user interface configuration.

Worse, if you end up having to reinstall FFXIV:ARR, or much worse, Windows generally, if you don't have backups of your character personalization data, you get to start at square one on your original PC. Not fun, especially if you had a lot of complex macros set up and/or did a lot of tweaking to the game's interface layout.

Synchronicity to the rescue!

Synchronicity makes it easy to change computers without losing everything. Synchronicity also makes it easy to recover personalization data from a reinstall. Simply start FFXI:ARR first and log into and out of each of your characters at least once, exit the game, and then launch Synchronicity. It will automatically grab data for any characters you've logged into on that copy of the game, as long as that data was stored by another copy of Synchronicity for each character.


Configuring & Using Synchronicity

There's nothing to configure - Synchronicity is completely automated. Just launch Synchronicity instead of starting the game's launcher, so that Synchronicity can update everything before the game starts. Synchronicity will launch the game's launcher for you as long as it was able to detect its location.

Synchronicity's automation makes the entire process hands-off - nothing to touch, nothing to mess up, nothing to break.


Installing & Removing Synchronicity

To install Synchronicity, just download the archive, unpack it, put the EXE file somewhere, and run it. It does create a few additional folders, so it's a good idea to put it into its own folder. Feel free to create shortcuts to it as desired.

To remove Synchronicity, just delete the EXE and, optionally, any folders it's created. (We say "optionally" because these will contain backup copies of character data.)


How Much Does It Cost?

Nothing! Synchronicity is a gift to the FFXIV:ARR player community. All we ask in return is that you consider donating to Actium, as our projects and server/website costs are funded out-of-pocket and your pocket change can help keep things running.



Q: As of patch 2.1, FFXIV:ARR includes a backup and restore tool. Why should I use Synchronicity instead of the one SE already provides?
A: There are a few things Synchronicity does that SE's tool doesn't:

  1. Synchronicity provides a means of offsite storage for your backups. This also has the added benefit of working anywhere the game will - all you need is a broadband connection.
  2. Synchronicity works automatically, and works for every character the game client has ever logged into. The backup/restore tool SE provides must be manually launched.
  3. Synchronicity can synchronize (thus, the name!) character settings easily and reliably across multple installations on the game client, without requiring any user action. No need to remember to copy over the backup and restore it - just run Synchroncity and it does the rest.

Q: Synchronicity has/is/contains a virus!
A: Although this isn't a question, it's worth mentioning that we use the popular, widely-used, open-source executable packer UPX to compress Synchronicity for smaller downloads. Some anti-malware applications consider anything that uses UPX to be a virus (e.g., "PUA.Win32.Packer.UpxProtector") since UPX was used to compress several viruses, so any virus warning is just a false positive. Feel free to check Synchronicity with your favorite anti-malware scanners. Or, try multiple-AV scanner sites like Jotti's Malware Scan and

Q: Is Synchronicity safe?
A: The author of Synchronicity tested it extensively on his own characters, and didn't lose a thing. In fact, he's using Synchronicity to keep multiple characters from multiple players on multiple machines in sync.

Q: No, I mean is it safe to use without getting banned by Square Enix for using "third-party tools."
A: Synchronicity does not touch the game in any way aside from acting as a synchronization, backup, and restoration tool. Although Square Enix will say otherwise, using Synchronicity does not violate any of the game's terms of service, including the prohibition on using third-party software. All we're doing here is essentially creating, uploading, and downloading backups through an automated hands-off process that, quite frankly, we're surprised wasn't part of the game proper.

That having been said, Square Enix considers all third-party tools to be unacceptable regardles of their utility and whether they provide benefits without providing unfair advantages, so take this for what you will.

Q: What happens to the backups? Where do they go?
A: All backups are stored on the Actium website, which is in turn hosted at a rather large datacenter in Dallas.

Q: How do I know nothing will be tampered with?
A: We're not going to ask you to trust us - trust has to be earned. We've gone to great lengths to make sure you know where Synchronicity comes from, and since we don't want an angry mob with rtorches and pitchforks kicking down our door, we've gone to great lengths to provide a reasonably secure backend for Synchronicity. Plus, Synchronicity's design is built around the concept of being intrinsically failsafe, so if there's any problem you simply fall back to the normal way of doing things.

Q: What if Actium ceases to exist?
A: Then Synchronicity won't work any more and you're back to the current way to play. We've been around for a few years now and aren't likely to be going anywhere, so we're not anticipating this to be an issue.

Q: How secure is my data?
A: About as secure as it is on your own machine. Actually, it's probably a great deal more secure. Synchronicity creates local backups of everything it replaces, and stores the previous version of any changes made to the copy of that data it keeps in remote storage.

Q: What does Synchronicity do if there's a problem?
A: Generally speaking, if anything goes wrong Synchronicity simply steps out of the way and allows the game to use whatever local data it has. Even if Synchronicity crashes, you still have everything you had up to that point and can launch the game client manually as before. Synchronicity was written to "fail safe."

Q: Is there a PS3 version?
A: Not at this time, as we don't have a PS3 development kit. But, if someone were to donate one...


Legal Stuff

Synchronicity is Copyright (C) 2013-2014 by ManWitDaPlan, Actium's Praetor, and distributed by Actium Gaming Community. All Rights Reserved.

"Final Fantasy XIV: A Real Reborn" and all related content are trademarks of Square Enix. Actium has no affiliation whatsoever with Square Enix aside from being longtime customers of their products, and Square Enix provides no assistance or support whatsoever for Synchronicity.