Actium Organization

Although Actium takes its name from a military engagement that ended a republic and replaced it with an empire, Actium's organizational structure is more accurately described as a blend of an autocracy and a meritocratic republic. To explain...

Each Actium guild or clan (which is specific to a single game) has its own rank system that consists of one or more leaders or co-leaders, lieutenants under them, and additional divisions as called for within the game. The leaders of each game clan are also members of the Actium Consulate, which acts as a steering committee for all Actium activities and affairs. At the top is the autocrat, the Caesar if you will, Actium's master leader, who uses his final authority to arbitrate disputes, break ties, and generally lead the entire organization in the direction it needs to go.

Actium is a meritocracy of sorts in that Consulate members are selected based on leadership ability, so becoming an Actium Consul is very much about how well you do what you do.


Actium borrows heavily from Roman governmental and judicial concepts, and as such the GMs for Actium servers are often called "Praetors," which is a reference to a title given to field commanders in the Roman Army. If you see a player with "Praetor" in their name, odds are it's an Actium staff member acting as server GM.

Actium's Praetorian Guard are Actium guild or clan memmbers who are PvP players in normally PvE games, as well as all members that play PvP games. They bring the pain to all who oppose their dominion, and bring honor to Actium via their combat prowess.